The Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society (WWSS) is an organisation run by Whitefaced Woodland (WW) breeders for WW breeders. Our aim as a Society is to improve the quality of the breed and to promote it. Although there are thousands of unregistered WW sheep kept pure, only a fraction are currently being registered. It is the purpose of the Hill Register to offer any WW owner or breeder the opportunity to register good quality WW sheep within an affordable flock book. In conjunction with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, we have negotiated a mechanism whereby WW sheep with three generations of fully registered ancestors can be entered into the Combined Flock Book, should the owner or breeder wish to do so. However, if preferred, all future generations of their WW sheep may be kept in the Hill Register.

If you wish to register sheep, please contact one of the Society’s officers.

Rules for Registration

An application to register an animal should be made by the owner of the animal to the Registrar.
Any animal for which registration is applied for must conform to the breed standard published from time to time by the Society.
Animals will be eligible for registration from 12 months of age
An animal may be entered into the Register subject to the animal being inspected by two inspectors. Inspectors are appointed by the Society and a list is available. Both inspectors must agree that the animal presented for registration conforms to the breed standard and is fit to be registered.

We ask the owner of the animal to provide:

    • Tag number
    • Date of birth
    • As much pedigree information as is available


    An animal entered into the Register is identified by its unique UK tag number. If replaced, the Registrar should be informed.
    An animal entered into the Register receives a paper certificate which should accompany the animal when sold.
    Owners must inform the Registrar of the death of any registered animal.
    Vendors must inform the Registrar of any sales of registered stock, and purchasers may apply to the Registrar for replacement certificates.
    All persons applying to register an animal must be members of the WWSS. A fee shall be paid to the Society by the owner of any animal being registered and this shall be in accordance with the scale of fees published from time to time.
    Current Fees (payable upon registration) are:

    • Rams
    • £5.00
    • Ewes
    • £1.00
    • Replacement certificate
    • £1.00

    Adopted at the WWSS Committee Meeting on 28 November 2015, to start from 1 January 2016.
    The current Registrar is Ann Godschalk