Whitefaced Woodland Sheep
A Breed from the past .... a breed for the future

Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society Ewe with 4month old ram lamb

Since the Whitefaced Woodland is a large hardy sheep producing good meat and wool, a group was set up in 1986 to raise awareness of these positive attributes.  In 2004, this became the Whitefaced Woodland Sheep Society, with the aim of “preserving and promoting Whitefaced Woodland sheep as a distinctive and economically viable breed”.  Membership is open to those who keep and/ or breed Woodlands, and to anyone else who is enthusiastic about these superb sheep.  

Great Yorks Show - photo courtesy of Chris Steel

Members meet and exchange information at Shows  between late May and September each year.  In the autumn, there is a large Sale of (mainly unregistered) Woodlands,in Yorkshire, whereas registered sheep are sold at the RBST’s Show and Sale at Melton Mowbray.