Whitefaced Woodland Sheep
A Breed from the past .... a breed for the future

Whitefaced Woodland Wool

White House ewe

Whitefaced Woodlands have a finer fleece than most hill breeds; this is attributed to the addition of Merino blood in the 18th century. Certainly, the wool is of a fine quality, with a Bradford count of 44-50 and a staple length of around 15cm.

Waistcoat handwoven in Whitefaced Woodland yarn & silk. Photo courtesy of Linda Bowman

The fleece can be spun commercially, and is of interest to hand spinners. It is pleasant to spin in its natural state and is valued for its ability to take coloured dyes.

Blending or plying the wool with yarns such as mohair or silk can produce decorative and luxurious effects .

A ewe's first shearing usually gives the finest of fleeces.