Whitefaced Woodland Sheep
A Breed from the past .... a breed for the future

Information Links

  • Grassroots Systems Ltd
    www.grassroots.co.uk Grassroots Systems Ltd have been developing software for pedigree livestock farmers and Breed Societies since 1997

  • Jo Taylor
    www.christmashill.co.uk rare breeds of sheep and cattle on a Suffolk farm; beef and lamb to order

  • Jonathon Parkinson
    www.caringforlife.co.uk a Christian charity helping homeless or vulnerable people; the Agriculture project keeps a flock of Whitefaced woodland sheep

  • National Sheep Association
    www.nationalsheep.org.uk specialist organisation established in 1892, dedicated to safeguarding the interests and future of sheep farmers throughout the UK

  • Philip and Heather Onions
    www.keerfalls.co.uk organic permaculture forest farm on the Lancashire Cumbria border, producing organic beef and lamb and fleeces

  • Richard & Sue Bottom
    www.crossfieldcottages.co.uk Five cottages overlooking the lake on an ancient sheep farm in the beautiful Eden Valley

  • Simon & Felicity Shaw-Browne
    www.sherwoodforestfarmpark.co.uk a centre approved by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust for the breeding of rare and protected farm animals.

  • Traditional Breeds Meat Marketing
    www.tbmm.co.uk organising the supply and promotion of the highest quality meat from pedigree British rare and traditional breeds for the benefit of discerning consumers