Whitefaced Woodland Sheep
A Breed from the past .... a breed for the future

Standard for Showing Sheep
Photo courtesy of Chris Steel

Whitefaced woodland sheep should be strong boned and have good conformation. Both sexes are horned, the male having heavily spiralling horns.   Horns should emerge flat from the head and not appear goat like.  Slabbing of horns to prevent intrusion into the face is permissible.  Sheep with horns removed may also be shown.   The tail has a distinctive muscular appearance, and it is traditional to leave the rams’ tails long, but to dock the ewes’ tails somewhere between the legal minimum length and the hock.   The sheep should have a broad white face with pink nose.  Some speckling on the nose and face is permissible, though this should be discouraged.   Only the face, feet and legs may be washed, not the fleece.  Light trimming of the fleece is permissible, so long as it does not detract from the natural appearance of the sheep.  Backing down is not permitted.  Oiling of horns is also acceptable.