Whitefaced Woodland Sheep
A Breed from the past .... a breed for the future

The Breed Description reads

The Whitefaced Woodland is one of the largest of British hill breeds.  Mature ewes weigh 60kg (135lb) but may reach 72.5kg (160 lb) in good grazing.  Animals of this breed are strong-boned and robust.  When left undocked, the tail is long. The wool is white and finer than that of many other hill breeds, being suitable for the manufacture of knitting or hosiery wool.

Tessa and John Wigham's White House Logistics

The staple length is 15-20cm (6-8 inches), and the Bradford Count is 44-50, although the wool on the britch is coarser. The face and legs are mainly white, although a little speckling is permissible.  The skin of the muzzle may be wholly or partly pink. 

The head is strong and the face and muzzle are broad. Both sexes are horned strongly; the rams having heavily spiralled horns.  The extreme Roman nose should be avoided.